Diablo 3 Could, Actually, Be Coming to Consoles Like Xbox And Playstation

Diablo 3 For Xbox Ps3

Blizzard says a port of Diablo 3 to consoles will not be a simple port.

In typical Blizzard style, the company says a Diablo 3 port for the Wii U and other consoles won’t be easy

Didn’t buy Diablo 3 for the PC? Well, I don’t know why considering we’ve been waiting for the game for a decade. For those people, Valve says console ports could happen … but they won’t be easy.

Lead technical artist Julian Love and senior world designer Leonard Boyarsky said there is interest on bringing the game to other platforms, including the Wii, because the game is a more of a fit for consoles compared to its other games. Obviously Starcraft wouldn’t work on consoles because the game is played at such as high pace, and a mouse can move infinitely faster than consoles. Still, Torchlight was released on Xbox Live Arcade and its similar to Diablo 3 in terms of gameplay.

Custom port, reviews put back

Love said he believes the company can do more than a simple port, with is what Blizzard do very well. There have been plenty of discussions on Diablo 3 vs Torchlight and Torchlight 2, but Diablo 3 definitely takes the win in terms of polish. Boyarsky also said they want to make the game feel native to consoles if a port was to happen.

Currently Diablo 3 is available for PC and Macs, though the latter has reportedly poor performance. We’ll have to see if Blizzard issues an update to fix the issues, or it’s a deeper problem. The server issues also means the press, who didn’t get review copies, are playing the game with the public so the server issues probably means reviews are going to be later than expected.

Along with regular and Collector’s Edition, a Starter Edition will be available. Effectively serving as a demo, players can select any of the classes and play Act 1 to the Skeleton King boss. A level 13 cap will be put in place alongside multiplayer access limited to those who also play the Starter Edition. For 30 days guest passes will grant access to the Starter Edition, which will become available to all players from June 14. If users like the game, they can upgrade to the full edition (just like demos).

Published: Thursday, May 17th, 2012 Last Modified: May 17, 2012

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