Diablo 3 Continues to Stutter as Players Reports Accounts are Hacked

Is Blizzard feeling the pressure from a stuttering launch in one of its most anticipated games ever?

Just as Blizzard beginx to fix server downtime, there’s another problem: accounts are being hacked

Those 3003 errors? They’re gone, so don’t worry … or not: accounts are being hacked, and items stolen.

Items and gold are going missing, and progress is being lost. Though progress isn’t being lost because of the hacks, Blizzard is rolling back accounts that have been hacked. The news originally came from Eurogamer, who had a staff memeber – Chris Donlan – who was on the wrong end of a hacking attempt. The hacker, called Anna, said the account had been bought.

Regarding the 3003 errors which happened around launch, unconfirmed reports suggested an SQL Injection Attack caused the downtime. Blizzard of course denied the claims, and switched focus: users can download an Authenticator app which provides extra security, though have posted saying accounts have been hacked even when using the service. Players who only played the game for a couple of days were hacked also.

Security makes no difference

The authenticator application is a program installed and accessed on your mobile phone. A code is required to be entered once a week on the Battle.net service or a supported game, so consistently logging in doesn’t mean codes are entered every time. Still, it’s worrying to hear of compromised accounts even when the service is used.

Goal stealing isn’t the best news either considering Blizzard is set to launch the auction house this month, meaning potential mayhem if gold is being stolen.

Blizzard said on its forum the news was being taken very seriously and they are actively working on finding solutions. The company added it hasn’t found evidence accounts have been hacked outside of logging into someone’s account, which at least means there’s only one way an account can be used. Remote access, or something like it, would have been worrying.

Users can visit the Battle.net help page if they think an account has been compromised. My advice is to change your password and inform Blizzard as soon as possible, though the latter will probably be needed to be done first. For such an anticipated game, the launch is disappointing and could drive users away.

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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