Diablo 3 Beta Start Date And New Difficulty “Inferno”

Yay, we finally have a beta start date for the Diablo 3 beta. The Diablo 3 beta will commence in September, a start date still has to be announced. A new difficulty will bring extra challenges to Diablo 3: Inferno.

Diablo 3 beta release date

Beta Launch

Blizzard announced they are launching the Diablo 3 beta in September.

New Inferno Difficulty With Exclusive Items For Level 60+

They also announced a new difficulty level. Diablo 2 players who tried their hands on the hardcore mode that Blizzard can come up with some pretty mean challenges and Diablo 3 won’t be an exception.

The new difficulty will be called Inferno and only players that reached the level cap (lvl60) can tinker in this difficulty. Mobs will have have a minimum level of 61 then. The mobs will also have higher resistance, health, damage, aggression and they gain access to more powers.

Blizzard stated that they introduced this new difficulty to avoid the typical Diablo/Mephisto runs that could get boring after some time. All monsters and boss mobs will be a new challenge then and worth killing, especially since some items will only drop in Inferno mode, including runestones and socketable items! Inferno items will also look differently than the Normal/Nightmare/Hell item counterparts.

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Published: Thursday, August 18th, 2011 Last Modified: August 18, 2011

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