Developers Waiting To Develop Apps For Xbox One

As the Xbox One from Microsoft has become a blockbuster hit, developers who are looking to develop apps for the Xbox One still wait. The developers are waiting for Microsoft to announce full details on the specs for the Xbox One app development, and leaving developers waiting.

Those who have bought their Xbox One have used their YouTube and Netflix apps with ease, but are clamoring for more. The lack of apps on day one have left some though wondering what is coming. Microsoft has courted independent developers lately, and wait for more words on the platform.


The [email protected] Program

Independent developers for games and apps were courted by Microsoft early to develop apps for the Xbox One. The indie developers were initially shunned by Microsoft, but Microsoft courted them with this program and no official updates have been announced. Some of these agreements in the program are under NDA, and cannot talk about it.

With these independent developers under NDA, they cannot speak, but have stated that they are waiting for details on the program. A lot of them haven’t received their developer Xbox One units from Microsoft, and the future for independent developers on the Xbox One platform still is in flux. Microsoft hasn’t publicly stated anything on this yet.


Bringing Xbox One and Windows 8 Apps Together

Much of the development for apps with the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 are very similar. Developers can put together one app for the Windows 8.1 platform, and then hopefully transform them easily for the Xbox One. Microsoft is aiming to make the development process easy and without a ton of complications for developers everywhere.

Apps have been ported in under 24 hours from one system to the other according to reports, and if true, should make developers happy. This will give them multiple outlets to release their apps on, but again await full details from Microsoft. Microsoft seems to be fully focused on the [email protected] games platform, and needs to get more details out quickly to please developers.

I enjoy the indie game and app movement, and love the Xbox One. But, if Microsoft delays the release of details, they can just anger those people at the same time.

Published: Sunday, December 1st, 2013 Last Modified: December 1, 2013

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