Developers Looking Forward To Windows 8 And App Store

Since the early days of CEO Steve Ballmer’s takeover, developer relationships has been an important part of Microsoft’s growth and diversification strategy. Reactions from developers seem to indicate a very strong start for Windows 8.

Developers looking forward to Windows 8

Looks like some sites like try to make fun of the Windows 8 preview to make sure Apple does not lose everything to Microsoft, but …

Developers Show A Lot of Enthusiasm For Windows 8

Judging by their early reactions, it is safe to say that Windows 8 has really excited many developers. Going through individual and general responses from developer throughout the BUILD conference last week, it’s safe to say that they are all looking forward to this opportunity.

Most of them see the “re-imagining” of the Windows platform as a positive thing and are excited about the new prospects that this will bring them. Most importantly, Microsoft loyalists see this as an appropriate and strategic response to threats posed by iOS and Android.

HP software architect Kevin Barnett also sided with the popular opinion that this is the largest overhaul that the operating system has seen since the advent of Windows 95. According to him, it is a big shift in just about every possible way.

Noble Edward, senior architect at mobile CRM applications maker Consona, said that he will be talking to the company about supporting Windows tablets. He has already developed for Android and iPhone and now it is time to include Windows to that roster.

Developer Brendan from development firm Readify said that he loved how Microsoft is emphasizing on “touch-first” in Windows 8. To many people, this is a very forward-looking step that will evolve the platform in to a platform that matches the new-age demand of being cutting-edge and sleek.

Windows 8 Store To Be The Sole Seller And Distributor Of Metro Apps

Microsoft has announced Metro apps will only be distributed through the Windows Store. Which means that users will only be able install Metro Apps from the Windows Store. However, there will be exceptions to this rule. Enterprises and developers will be able to side-load apps onto Windows devices. It is obvious why developers should have access to this and for enterprises it is a matter of security and ease of administration.

Microsoft makes a clear difference between desktop apps and Metro-based touch apps even though they will be running on the same OS.

Published: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 Last Modified: September 20, 2011

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