Developers Can Use BrowserSwarm Starting Today

Microsoft on Thursday announced a brand new open source tool that will help developers around the world. The tool named BrowserSwarm is a very advanced tol that will help developers automate testing of their JavaScript frameworks and libraries across browsers and devices.

The announcement of BrowserSwarm made developers very happy, and gives them frameworks of design and will allow them to use these resources to test their code. With BrowserSwarm, developers can let the cloud take over and do the code testing for browser like IE, Chrome, Safari, and more.

Microsoft Builds BrowserSwarm To Help Developers Test Code All In One Place

BrowserSwarm Is A Team Effort

In rolling out BrowserSwarm to the developers, Microsoft didn’t do it alone. Microsoft teamed up with other companies like AppendTo and Sauce Labs to make sure that the code could be rolled out in the cloud. These companies allow developers to publish their code, test it in the cloud, and test it with five different browsers.

Publish In Github: Test Anywhere

The integration of BrowserSwarm allows developers to load their projects into Github and then roll the products into the cloud. There, the code can be tested against Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. From there, it lists the pass rate among these browsers, and output those results.

Microsoft Enabling Developers To Save Time

With rolling out BrowserSwarm, developers anywhere in the world will be able to test their code and see if it works across browsers. They will no longer need to test it five different ways, and BrowserSwarm gives them that ability to get it done in one place and get it done right. The product at the same time is completely open source, and is reaching out to the open source world to help expand on it, and make it grow.

Microsoft is helping developers and helping them code for all browsers. This free and simple tool is available starting today, and can be used to test code today. From the simplest of code to the most complex, BrowserSwarm gives them that ability. The pain staking tests of running code against multiple browsers has been eliminated due to BrowserSwarm, and by using GitHub among others, it gives developers more time to build quality projects versus testing code.

Published: Friday, September 27th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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