Developer News: Develop And Debug Games Right On The XBox One Console Itself

On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed additional information related to the Xbox One which made developers of the games very happy. Indie devs will be able to debug games on the console in real-time and from day one

This announcement by Microsoft is a huge joy for game developers. It enables them to debug versions of their games in real-time, and make changes that users actually see right away. In addition, it means that game developers won’t have to shell out huge money for developer units this Fall.


Everyone Can Be A Creator

The quote from Xbox One VP Marc Whitten related a sense of embracement for developers of the Xbox One platform. He stated that every person can be a creator with the Xbox One, and will have the tools available to them to develop games on the console unit. With this, indie game makers can use the Xbox One to develop console games almost immediately upon the console release.

Developers Can Publish Their Own Games

The embracement of the developers is huge for the Xbox One. Now, game developers won’t have to go through the Microsoft-certified publisher format that developers have to endure for the Xbox 360 platform. Later in August, additional details are going to be announced for game developers, and this should make game developers extremely happy.

Microsoft Listening To Developers: Finally

This move by Microsoft is showing that the console maker is listening to developers about the Xbox One console. By allowing game makers to publish directly to the Xbox One ecosystem, game developers can get games up quicker, at a fraction of the cost, and potentially reap the rewards of a successful game on the Xbox One and Xbox Live system.

As game developers have been asking questions surrounding the Xbox One and indie games, this announcement and blog post by Microsoft, answers a lot of questions head on. Game makers will be able to build directly on their console, test the games out on them, and then publish directly from the console. This should make for exciting game titles for the Xbox One both from mainstream developers like EA and other, and from smaller ones too.

Published: Sunday, July 28th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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