Details on Xbox One Rep System Announced and 2 New Free Games

More details surrounding the Xbox One and the future of the Xbox 360 free games system for Xbox Live Gold users came out on Wednesday. The new details give online gamers new levels to achieve and free games to download soon, courtesy of Microsoft and the Xbox 360 and upcoming Xbox One.

In multiple blog posting and news, the new Xbox One Rep system was detailed. The very easy to follow system brings together gamers on the Xbox Live system, while at the same time, rewards them for being Xbox Live Gold members at the same time with free downloads.


Reputation System Rewards and Punishes Users

The announcement of the Reputation system changes for the Xbox One will punish reported players according to reports, and give additional points to those who play more with others during games. By contributing to the Xbox Live Gold ecosystem, users will gain points and rep scores with the new changes to be announced later this year.

Assassin’s Creed II Available As Free Download Next

In a Google Plus post on Wednesday, Larry Hyrb, or Major Nelson as he is known in the Xbox community announced that Assassin’s Creed II will be the next free download for users of the Xbox 360 system. Downloads are the newest gift to Xbox Live Gold members and Microsoft is giving those to its valued members as the latest promotion to keep them as members as the consoles launch later this year.

Good Participants Win On Xbox New Rep System

With the changes being made to the Xbox Reputation system, it is clear that those who participate and those who make an effort will thrive in the system. Those who don’t and who harass and annoy others, will be matched against the similar players of their annoyance. The enforcements of the new standards makes for new and exciting changes to the Xbox Live and Xbox One reputation system.

Microsoft is cleaning up their reputation system with the upcoming launch of the Xbox One, and it is aiming to rid bad players and those who annoy by giving them like players to annoy. Also, it is giving valued players the ability to achieve greater points and success as a thanks for their efforts ahead.

Published: Friday, July 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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