Despite Being First-Party, Pikmin 3 Won’t be Getting Online Gaming

Pikmin 3 Screenshot

Miyamoto confirms offline co-op is the only multiplayer component on offer.

Disappointingly, Miyamoto revealed Pikmin 3 won’t support multiplayer for not-entirely-convincing reasons

Pikmin 3 was the first game revealed during Nintendo’s E3 conference, and despite the lack of release date is expected to release during launch or shortly after. In an interview with IGN, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the title won’t support online functionality.

On the process deciding between whether the game would arrive on the Wii or Wii U, he said the development team was wary of not dropping frames over what Miyamoto called a great a physical distance. Miyamoto said that’s because lots of Pikmin are moving individually, though the Pikmin aren’t player controlled. Developers are supporting online play in almost every game, so it’s weak for Nintendo to say they can’t support it. As a result, Miyamoto said the team is focusing on single-player and local multiplayer elements.

It’s more frustrating news from Nintendo: the company was expected pre-E3 conference to reveal a rebuilt online system, with the company never adopting online play while Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network charged ahead. We saw video chat, but didn’t see party cat support or news on DLC and game patch distribution. If Nintendo can’t support multiplayer in its own games, then how can they expected third parties to support the system?

The decision to launch Pikmin 3 on the Wii U basically came down to the increased hardware performance, with the CPU and HD capability allowing Pikmin to be seen when zoomed out. Fundamentally, the game hasn’t changed. It’s just more fun.

Strategic Gameplay

IGN asked how the GamePad would work on Pikmin 3, though Miyamoto skirted the question and instead talked about the more scripted model of Pikmin 1 or the explorable Pikmin 2. Pikmin 3 said it’s a strategic game, but is still accessible through a map overview and the ability to replay levels and correct decisions at the day’s end. It’s a trend seen in more RTS title such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which has action-centric cinematic scenes to move away from the pure RTS experience.

There’s also a cursor, seen in the E3 preview, which shows where thrown Pikmin will land. Apparently this small feature wasn’t possible on the Wii. Pikmin 3 has no release date.

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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