DesignMe Makes Calendars Live On Windows 10

Everyone has their favorite calendar app, and many use Outlook to manage their daily lives. But, many are looking for more, and for Windows 10 users a new amazing calendar app has arrived, in the form of DesignMe.

DesignMe is a brand new app that has gone through a ton of user testing, and is built as the calendar app for users. It has a ton of interesting features, and is set to become a giant app for many to try and decifer.

DesignMe Makes Calendars Shine

What Is DesignMe?

As described in the own blog post, DesignMe helps users design their lifes easily and simply. The first thing that you’ll notice with the app, is that it allows you to set goals. Theese goals can be set easily and with ease.

Users can also list various items of their complicated lives with DesignMe. You can label things as Work, Study, Love, Travel, or Hobby. This can help separate various appointments, dates, and keep you focused on your life.

View Your Calendars Easily With DesignMe

Powerful Features

With DesignMe, you get a ton of multiple options to view your calendar, via month, week, or day views. You can connect it to, Google Calendar, and Facebook apps as well, so it stays socially connected as well.

Responding to invitations and editing recurring events is simple with DesignMe, and you can get notifications of events using the Action Center. The Live Tiles are built for Windows 10, and let you check upcoming events this way.

DesignMe is an intersting and free calendar app for Windows 10. Try it out and see the difference.

Published: Monday, November 21st, 2016 Last Modified: November 21, 2016

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