Delve To Arrive For Office 365 Customers

As we have discussed in a number of articles, Office 365 for the business and enterprise has become a huge deal. With it, Microsoft is evolving the product and giving customers more features with it. On Monday, Microsoft announced the upcoming Delve, which is fascinating.

The principle behind Delve, it that is brings information based upon what you are working on, and what’s trending around you. Some have described it as the Flipboard for Office 365, and some have new ways to explore data with it. Either way, it will be rolling out soon.

Microsoft Announces First Details On Delve For Office 365

What Is Delve?

The easiest way to describe Delve is to describe it as a very visual product that gives users a card-link interface. It takes the ideas of taking information storage away from users, and have it automatically found by others within an organization. It establishes relationships within a business, but only with those with permissions.

The Delve product will initially use the information from within Exchnage, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Yammer. All of these products will bring together the information and data that a organization uses, and gives them sharable data. It will be arriving in a slow pattern according to Microsoft.

Microsoft's Delve For Office 365 Brings Visual Search and Tools To Enterprise Customers

Who Gets Delve First?

In its blog post, Microsoft stated that Delve will initially be available to Office 365 E, A and G plan business users, and only to those who have signed up for the First Release Program. It will then gradually roll out to those Office 365 business users, then Academic users, and finally the government plans of Office 365.

During the early parts of 2015, Delve will roll out to small business customers and then towards the middle of 2015 to regular Office 365 customers. It’s a brand new product that Microsoft wants to get right, and is slowly bringing it out to customers at the enterprise levels first. It is a visual data tool that integrates visual cards, tools, and searches in ways that Office 365 has never had before. If done right, Delve could be a great tool for the enterprise.

Delve is a cool tool for the enterprise. It will be interesting to see how it succeeds or fails.

Published: Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 Last Modified: September 9, 2014

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