Del Toro (Director) to release his first InSANE video game

Guillermo del Toro is known for directing Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, but he’s now up to making a video game.

Del Toro Insane Game

From films to video games

Video games are already becoming their own form of alternative entertainment with plot lines and characters that are as real to you as a player that they could be their own soap opera. Therefore, it should not come as too much of a surprise that a film director is getting behind his own video game. The big news on this front for the moment is the fact that Guilermo Del Toro is about to see if directing can transfer onto the gaming screen with InSane.

What is InSANE

A game that is only a one word title in white on black gives away virtually nothing, which is perhaps what the design team is after. However, given the fact that Del Toro is responsible for the adorable Kun Fu Panda series and the freaky Hellboy film means that even his past work does not give much away about the game leaving plenty of people to wonder what he is up to with this game. The only bright note is the choice of caps, which every internet junkie knows means excitement and screaming so the game may just have more of the Hellboy punch than the Kung Fu cuteness.

InSane rumors

What we do know comes from the press release of the announcement of InSane which basically described the video game as a bad dream in black and white that includes needles that pass through the eyes. While this alone is not much, and the tease trailer is even shorter, it seems safe to bet there is going to be some pretty intense graphics and violence spotting the game making video addicts everywhere turn to take a second look at the game that is going to likely show at E3 this summer.

Del Toro’s qualifications for gaming

While hardcore gamers may doubt that Del Toro has the CV to create his own game, he has stated that he aims to take players to another place filled with questions of reality and morality hinting that perhaps he aims to make some deeper meaning out of his game much like his films. A game with human emotion is alluring, and added to the fact that Del Toro claims he has been a gamer for the last forty or so years and maybe he does kind of know what he is doing.

Release Date: TBA 2013

Published: Monday, June 20th, 2011 Last Modified: June 20, 2011

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