Deezer Fans Receive Customizable Windows 10 Music App

With all the streaming music services available for Windows 10 users, it’s hard to know which one to choose from. Deezer is one of the more popular ones throughout the world, and the company has given users a very customized Windows 10 app to use.

Deezer is a subscription based music streaming service, and has launched its Windows 10 app to highlight its service. The new options in the music app along with its huge selection of available music, make it a music streaming app worth listing to.

Deezer Releases Awesome Windows 10 Music Streaming App

Inside Deezer’s App

With the Deezer app on Windows 10, users will see a brand new interface that has revamped content pages, a new tab bar, and ways to store music on the my music section. This will let users find music and store music that they listen to easier.

On Deezer, a music fan can use the Windows 10 app to choose Bob Dylan, and put that artist into a special playlist called “60’s Legends”. The Windows 10 app will adjust the music according to the network connection, and that helps with those on lower to higher Internet speeds.

Deezer Gives Windows 10 Music Fans All The Music They Want

Deezer Overview

With Deezer having more than 50 million songs available to Windows 10 users, it is a formidable force in the music streaming space. Their Windows 10 app is available for PC’s, tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile devices which makes it easier to update.

The Deezer service itself is available at multiple pricing tiers on the Windows 10 app, and can go to €6.99/month if you want the Premium Plus service. The app is available from the Windows Store, and is a worthy download for those who love music and artists.

Try Deezer, and see why it beats Spotify and others. Its Windows 10 app is a great app, and they listen to users requests for making a stylish app as well.

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Published: Friday, April 15th, 2016 Last Modified: April 15, 2016

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