Deanna Brings Task Management Tools In Windows 10 App

There are a number of different task manager apps for the Windows 10 world, and many of them do different types of things to assist your life. The latest one with updates is Deanna, that lets you be more successful in your life.

Deanna is a free Windows 10 app available from MAH Studios, and is a revolutionary task manager for Windows 10 devices and phones. It brings the entire task management experience in whole windows devices, and does it well.

Deanna Brings Task Management App To Windows 10 Devices

Deanna Features

Deanna is a free Windows 10 app, and it works by simply letting the user add their tasks or hobbies. From then, the user can simply share them or swipe over to accomplish them or postpone them. This makes the whole process simple and easy to use.

Deanna features Cortana integration, and this means that you can add tasks with your voice or other Cortana commands. It also has ways to back up tasks, and has graphical performance charts that make the goals shine in new ways.

Add Habits & More Into Deanna Task Management App

Feature Updates Added

Deanna has expanded since its initial launch, and its newest versions include Dutch language support, a new dark theme, accent color support, a new look for the settings page, and also as a new user experience in the timeline.

Additionally, support has been added for the Persian and German languages, and it has added action center quick commands. Between the bug fixes and general improvements though, Deanna has come a long way, and is worth a download.

If you want a better task manager, try Deanna. It’s a growing app, and one that might help you manage your daily chores.

Published: Thursday, March 9th, 2017 Last Modified: March 9, 2017

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