Dead Space 3 could be running Battlefield 3 graphics engine (Frostbite 2.0)

Deadspace3_thumb.jpg 1Is the next Dead Space going to be powered by Frostbite 2.0, and sent in an icy wasteland?

Franchise seeking environment artist, Frostbite-powered EA studios being visited by Rendering Architect. Rumours suggest franchise could move to icy wasteland

Dead Space 2 has been well-received from critics, but its sequel has been quiet up until this point. However, recent job postings and tweets may hint that Dead Space 3 could be running a new graphics engine.

Following EA Montreal’s renaming to Visceral Games Montreal which coincided with the studio moving beyond its EA Redwood Shores base – where Shanghai, Los Angeles, Redwood Shores and Montreal now make up the studio – a job posting has surfaced online saying that the Dead Space franchise is “seeking a Senior Environment Artist opportunity.” Among the requirements for the position are four years or more experience, an “exceptional understanding” of form, architecture and silhouette relating to modelling, self-motivation, good communication skills and “a great team-player attitude.”

Along with the job posting, a Rendering Architect at DICE, Johan Anderson, who works on Frostbite and future DICE/EA games, said that he is travelling out to Canada and the U.S. to “visit a whole bunch” of EA studios using the Frostbite engine. His first stop? “Montreal.”

The connections may not relate, but Dead Space’s lighting and atmosphere is a key part of the experience and modelling skills used to creating such a silhouette transfer directly to that atmosphere.

Dead Space 3 features ice world, new enemy type called “hive mind”

Mid last year Siliconera reported that Dead Space 3 would take place on an ice planet, moving away from the indoor environments of the previous two games. In their report they talked of Isaac, the protagonist of the franchise, crash landing on a ice planet who makes his way to an abandoned stopping point. Shortly after he finds a survivor, who is close to death. Isaac is told that there are other survivors who have fled to a facility.

Later in the game Isaac apparently meets up with two characters, Ellie and Jennifer, and climbs a mountain. As they climb up, a howl is heard from below. They don’t know what kind of creature made that noise however, according to their source, the enemies are called “the hive mind”

Published: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Last Modified: February 28, 2012

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