Dead Island Riptide Will Be A Sequel, Basically Part 2, Release Date 2013

Dead Island Riptide Is A Sequel Part 2_Thumb You may have heard that Dead Island Riptide is coming. It’s now becoming apparent that this is in fact part 2 and not a remake or anything else

New Game, Available For Preorder

Aubrey Norris on Twitter confirmed on Twitter that this is not a remake, it’s a brand new game and you can even preorder it now on Amazon

@T9X69 it is a new game. Not a remake.

Also, various sites reported that this is not a sequel, but apparently it is. The game will only cost $49.99 and not $60 like so many other games out there.

Release Date 2013

The game will be one of the last major games for XBOX, PS3 before the next-gen consoles come out. Sure, a lot of developers will still develop games for the old consols, but sooner or later there will be exclusive games.

We expect that it will be released in mid 2013 or before the holiday season. The release date on various sites is currently December 31, 2013 – which is a placeholder until we get further information.


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Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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