David Jaffe On Resident Evil 6: Smaller Development Teams Are Needed

Resident Evil 6 Smaller Team Resident Evil 6’s launch resulted in almost universal criticism from the press, seeing a dramatic dropoff of quality from Resident Evil 5’s fundamental mechanics.

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe thinks developers Capcom should have gone with a smaller team.

Different policy perhaps needed for Capcom as latest big budget release

He said on Twitter a small and visionary team, with a three-five million dollar budget, could developer a two-three hour digital title. The sales should be used to reinvent the genre. It’s true the genre is over-saturated, though horror games like Dead Space provide a fresh take on the genre without zombies. Equally, The Walking Dead from Telltale Games provides an emotional and difficult story against the backdrop of a zombie outbreak. Not focusing on killing the menace is welcome, focusing on human emotion instead.

Though if Capcom doesn’t like the idea of building a small team, a large team is a option according to Jaffe. He described an AAAAA, not triple-A, referring to big studios, developer building Resident Evil, or Capcom should create such a developer. Capcom had 600 people working on Resident Evil 6, yet built an underwhelming game.

Jaffe did direct praise towards Capcom for shipping the game though. He has not played the game and added he is not criticizing the developers in that respect. His comments are judged on critical response.

Titles Sells Well

Capcom announce it moved four-five million units of Resident Evil 6, proving the brand’s strength regardless of quality. Critics have suggested the franchise be rebooted following a lack of direction. Resident Evil 5 concluded the story involving Albert Wesker and Umbrella. Resident Evil 6 opens those threads with Jake Mueller, Wesker’s son, and Neo-Umbrella.

Fans may also be confused to see the quality of Resident Evil 5 fall off rapidly. A seventh instalment of Resident Evil will likely happen, though whether it is numbered or sees subtitle in the form of a reboot is unknown. In interviews with 1UP, Capcom seems fairly content with its position.

Smaller horror games have proven successful, notably Amnesia. The game drew praise for its lack of combat, and focus on survival, popularizing YouTube playthroughs. Its sequel, A Machine For Pigs, is in development.

Resident Evil 6 is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC

Published: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 Last Modified: October 11, 2012

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