Darkspore Coming for PS3 & XBOX 360?

Darkspore might be coming for PS3 and XBOX 360.
Darkspore for XBOX 360

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Original rumours from July 2010

Last year it was announced that Darkspore was coming out in a PC version and the TSA reported that it was very likely that the popular gaming title would also come going to come out for the Xbox and the PS3. At that time, it was admitted that the rumour may have been about another game, but plenty of people felt that it was a safe bet that the game would still be in their hands soon. Now it is almost a year later and the rumours are starting to circulate again that this dream may see reality.

CV gives release away

The news comes via the CV of a designer that worked with Naked Sky Entertainer who lists work with Maxis to help produce the Xbox/PS3 release. This is good news for those who have been waiting to take Darkspore to the next level playing it on their larger screen cinema instead of on a small laptop PC screen. Plus, it is an accepted fact that the graphics will no doubt be better than in the console release as they often are which should give Darkspore fans a long awaited treat.

Link disappears on CV

Once news hit that there may be a console release in the very near future the CV was altered online so that instead of showing the previous work on Darkspore, it now plays a video for Nyan Cat so there must have been something to hide after all. While there is of course no confirmation on the leak, it does seem safe to say that soon Darkspore will be in the hands of happy gamers everywhere, and until then for those who have nothing better to do, there is always the chance to listen to the Nyan Cat song for the hundredth time.

Darkspore synopsis

Those who may not have yet played Darkspore should know that they are waiting for a game in which they battle the mutated Darkspore which are formed from unstable DNA that breaks out of a lap. As the main character of the game, you are woken out of hand hypersleep and sent to save the galaxy from impending destruction across several alien worlds. In other words, it is definitely something to be excited about.

Published: Saturday, May 21st, 2011 Last Modified: May 21, 2011

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