Darksiders 2 New Info: Comic Con Gameplay, Nightmare Mode, Loot And Skills

Dakrsiders 2 Comic Con

The Legend of Zelda-esque Darksiders 2 is coming out next month! The developers, Vigil Games, have shared some more information on the title.

Like The Legend of Zelda, but hate Link? You should try Darksiders 2, which lets you play as Death himself

Alternatives to The Legend of Zelda are rare, but Darksiders took the formula and provided a new – more mature, some might say – setting. That could be enough for Darksiders 2, but the developer wants to create a game that isn’t compared to Zelda.

Darksiders 2 is still a mashup of Devil May Cry – in terms of juggling enemies and learning different combos – and the action-adventure formula of Zelda. The game will be bigger and more refined than Darksiders, but will feature fast travel to get around the world quickly. The storyline will be 25 hours and potentially more, with sidequests and sidejobs. The original Darksider features challenges, where players have to kill a set number of enemies using one technique. It was boring, so hopefully there’s more variety in the sequel.

The game will also feature a Nightmare Mode, which is exciting me: when you die, you restart the campaign. Obviously the regular game can’t be incredibly difficult because the game wouldn’t be fun, so if the difficulty is balances players may be tempted to go through with one life. Until you get to the final boss, die, and never play the game again.

Phantasy Star Online-esque MAGS are in, which are weapons that have to be fed to increase the number of abilities and damage. There’s also trading, which is pretty self explanatory, and a New Game+ mode: loot is retained, enemies are harder, and a new range of weapons that are New Game+ exclusive can be gained.

You, Your Sword, And The Apocalypse

Fully customizable skill trees and gear are now included, loot – so weapons/items/gear will be dropped, presumably – and lacks multiplayer and co-op. That’s bucking the trend of developers caving in to the desire that that games have to prolong their lives through underwhelming multiplayer modes.

Darksiders 1 focused on War, who was on Earth after the human race had been wiped out. Darksider 2 runs parallel to those events, but across four dimensions.

Darksider 2 release August 14, 2012.

Published: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 Last Modified: July 17, 2012

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