Customize Your Next Home With Live Home 3D On Windows 10

Many of us often dream about our ultimate home, and watch shows on TV and the Internet about how to build them one day. Now, Live Home 3D brings the fun of building your next home to your PC, and is quite enjoyable.

Live Home 3D is available from BeLight Software 3D USA LLC, and has several in-app purchases available down the road. It is a fun and feature packed home design app, and has a ton of home features to choose from.

Create Your Next Home With Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D Features

With Live Home 3D, you can create both detailed 2D floor plans and also build real-time 3D rendering at the same-time. You can also have project galleries with your home projects and come up with sample rooms of your own.

You can draw complete rooms with the room dool, and use the included Arc and Straight Wall tools to help assist your virtual building. The measurement units include inches, feet, meters, and you can utilize the smart dimension tools to set distances.

Visualize Your New Home Using Live Home 3D On Windows 10

Apply, Export & Realize

You can apply materials and move around the rooms, in a fun 3D envrionment with the app. You can also then import models from 3rd party tools, and fine tune them with colors, natural lighting, and geographic details.

Once you have the home or room of your dreams, you can save the project, export the 3D views, create 360-degree panorama JPEG images, render realistic videos, and create stereo 3D videos. It has it all for the homebuilder in mind.

Live Home 3D is free and in the Windows Store. It’s quite an app, and is ideal for the aspiring home builder.

Published: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 Last Modified: May 3, 2017

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