Custom PlayStation 3 Hardware To Power PlayStation Now

Sony recently announced their initiative to tackle the issue of backwards compatibility, with their streaming service PlayStation Now. As time progresses more and more information is starting to filter through about the service.

More Details About PlayStation Now Revealed

In the buildup to both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, it was long known that both consoles would not feature backwards compatibility at launch. Gamers had enough time to digest the information as it was known early on in both launch buildups.

However, only recently Sony have come out with their plans on how to tackle the issue and have unveiled their new streaming service PlayStation Now. The simple goal behind the service seems to enable gamers to enjoy PlayStation content on a variety of different devices.


So far the feature has been demoed at CES 2014 were gamers get a chance to try a service and see what the interface look like themselves.

PlayStation 3 To Power New PlayStation Now Service

This week, Sony have unveiled a few more titbits of information about what exactly powers the new service. To deliver the promised console experience, it has been revealed that the company have created new PlayStation 3 powered server racks to provide the grunt needed.

The new custom-designed hardware features eight units in a single server lack which will provide copious amount of power for one motherboard. The server farms that would support the new service will be filled with racks like these.


It is hoped that this powerful therapeutic survived gamers and lag free console life experience on new PlayStation now service.

PlayStation Now To Launch In Summer 2014

Initial tests were done with retail PlayStation 3’s, but after determining that this method would used too much space for power, the company custom-built 8 in 1 design solutions themselves.

Sony obviously have confidence that this setup will provide the power necessary to deliver a stellar service and it is a big step in the cloud driven game movement which is predicted to become more prevalent over the next few years.


For now, Sony plan to launch the PlayStation Now service in the summer of 2014 and it is expected a 5 mbs broadband connection is required.

Published: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 Last Modified: January 23, 2014

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