Cursing On Xbox Live Costs Some Users Voice

In a surprise but good move on Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the excessive use of curse words in some of the upload studio clips was getting excessive. Microsoft announced on Tuesday, that users who excessively swear will find their clips muted to make Xbox Live safer.

The move to make Xbox Live safer for all was a move that Microsoft made before the Xbox One went live. The company wanted to make the Xbox Live experience a very family friendly environment, and the decision to mute those who wish to through out curse words in excess will clean it up quickly.


Official Statement

In a statement released on Tuesday, Microsoft stated that they don’t monitor direct peer-to-peer communications like Skype, but the Upload Studio is a different matter. Microsoft wants a clean and safe environment for users, and more than that, a fun one. They will enforce a suspension and limit privileges for those who disobey.

Microsoft also stated that they want the Xbox Live world to be a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience for all Xbox Live members. The initial ban seems to be a 24 hour ban on voice communication as some have seen on the Xbox Live message boards, and then can manifest into further suspensions. Microsoft wants this to be clean, not a swearing world.


Xbox One: Why Now?

Many of the stable of Xbox Live members are wondering why Microsoft is doing this now, versus all the swearing in the past. The company has sold over one million units in the initial 24 hours, and seems like by limiting the swearing on public videos, they can quickly clean up the swear-fest that can sometimes take over the Xbox Live world.

Those who play big games on the Xbox Live systems can hear swearing left and right, and this won’t eliminate it all, but is a bold move. Sony is limiting what users upload on the Twich channels via the Playstation 4, and now Microsoft is making similar moves on its system. Families and users should embrace this move by Microsoft versus taunt it and it’s a mixed review so far.

I play the Xbox games and I’m not a fan of cursing big time. It’s ok on occasion, but Microsoft is making the right move in the long run for the Xbox Live world on this move.

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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