Crysis Cell Shading Mod – Comic Style à la Borderlands

You’re still enjoying a round of Crysis from time to time? Well, then you might wanna give this cell shading mod for Crysis a try. It will give Crysis a completely new gaming experience and make the game look like a comic à la Borderlands.

Crysis Cell Shading Comic Look

The CryEngine 2 cell shading mod supports DirectX10 and also the multiplayer part Crysis Wars. Of course, the cell-shading comic look isn’t the favorite look of everyone, but if you enjoyed XIII or Borderlands and other games with cell-shading effects, you’ll most likely like this mod.

Definitely a fun experience!

Crysis Cell Shading Mod
Crysis Cell Shading Mod
Crysis Cell Shading Mod
Crysis Cell Shading Mod
Crysis Cell Shading Mod

In comparison to a real cell-shading game like Borderlands (see below) it’s not that good, but considering that Crysis was never intended to have cell-shading support the mod looks pretty darn good.

Borderlands Comic Style

Let’s see it in action. You can watch the video in HD at youtube:

The mod itself is a simple pak file that you have to copy to the Crysis folder, so it’s really easy to install and won’t take long to download.

You can download the mod here.

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Published: Sunday, July 11th, 2010 Last Modified: July 11, 2010

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