Crysis 3 Announced for 2013 Release, Bring Crossbows to New York

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Crysis becomes a trilogy as players return as Prophet in Crysis 3.

Prepare to explore a ruined New York again as Crysis 3 has been announced for a release next year

The original Crysis is a really great shooter. Sure the second half gets a little weird, but it’s almost-open-world structure and freedom to tackle an objective in multiple ways is unheard of in today’s shooters. Crysis 2 was a bit of a letdown in this regard, as it streamlined the experience. So what will Crysis 3 bring?

Crysis 3 has been designed as the sandbox shooter experience of 2013. The game will return with CryEngine 3 – the game’s high-end engine, and rival to others such as Frostbite 2 – and the character from the other games, Prophet. The press release confirms that Prophet returns to New York, from Crysis 2.

New New York

New York is encased in a “Nanodome,” created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. Players will navigate through a rainforest in NYC – the “Liberty Dome,” where there will be overgrown trees and raging rivers. The setting that could mark a return to the open ended structure of the original Crysis. Players will get to use a new composite bow to kill as they use the Nanosuit to traverse environments.

There are also seven different environments, called the “Seven Wonders.” It would be cool if these were all inter-connected, so players could freely move between them, especially if the environments range from rainforests to deserts to arctic tundras. In the previous Crysis games, players were stuck in a tropical or New York. The CryEngine has the potential to produce more environments, so different the meed environments sound exciting.

The press release says there will be a sandbox to explore, across seven unique “themes.” The game is set in 2047, and Prophet is on a revenge mission after uncovering Cell Corporation’s motives for building Nanodomes. While citizens were told these were for protection while eliminating Ceph forces, the technology is being used for a “land and technology grab” for global domination. The press release hints players will fight Ceph and humans.

Pre-ordering the Hunter Edition nets players early access to the bow and bonus experience, for $59.99. Crysis 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

First Crysis 3 Game Pictures

Check out pics of New York and Crysis 3 bow

Published: Monday, April 16th, 2012 Last Modified: April 16, 2012

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