Official Crysis 2 Multiplayer Screenshots

EA has released some official multiplayer screenshots of Crysis 2. If you haven’t tried the game yourself yet, check them out after the break.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Screenshots

Some of the following screenshots are not taken directly from the multiplayer. You can easily spot the multiplayer screenshots. There’s one of the map Pier and of the map Ambush.

Apparently, an unfinished beta of Crysis 2 leaked onto the internet. I wouldn’t bother with the beta. Often they are even infected with viruses and whatnot. Also, I’d rather try the official demo than download this beta. Just my opinion.

Anyway, the game looks pretty epic so far. And I’m predicting some really good ratings for Crysis 2, quite possible that it can get a metascore similar to Half-Life 2, which is in my opinion overrated.


What metascore will Crysis 2 achieve? I think we can safely assume something between 86 and 97.

HL2 metascore = 96,
KOTOR metascore = 93,
Portal 90
CSS metascore 88,
NFS Hot Pursuit 86,

Crysis 2 (xx)

Published: Saturday, February 12th, 2011 Last Modified: February 12, 2011

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