Crysis 2 Crashes (Fix Lag & Freezing)

If Crysis 2 keeps crashing and freezing, check out the following tips how to get rid of lag and fix random crashes. The best way is to use some of the available tools to change the advanced graphic settings.

Crysis 2 Freezing, Crashes, Lag, Errors

Fix Crysis 2 Crashes

Before you try anything else, always make sure to download the latest video card driver updates for Windows 7 .

If that does not help and Crysis 2 still crashes, there are two options. Either the game freezes and you don’t get a blue screen, then we need to fix the graphic settings, or you get a blue screen. If you get a blue screen see the instructions further below.

Fix Game Freezes:
Download the “Advanced Graphics Options” tool by

Fix Crysis 2 game crashes

Use the tool to disable all “advanced” settings and change most options to “Low”.

Latest changes:
*fixed motion blur (again)
*added a 4th level to all basic settings (low = 1, medium = 2, high = 3, extreme = 4)
*added FSAA support to fix stuttering
*added multiGPU
*added sound hit feedback
*fixed some minor buts

Crysis 2: Blue Screen

2. Step If you actually receive a blue screen when you play Crysis 2 that is actually an advantage, because if the PC simply freezes and you DONT get a blue screen you won’t know the actual problems.

Write down the blue screen error code (please post it below too! so we can look into it). Windows 7 automatically creates minidump files that store valuable information to debug Windows 7 and fix blue screen errors.

Please read our guide How to fix blue screens in Windows 7

Fix Crysis 2 Lag

If Crysis 2 is lagging a lot, there can be two reason a) your computer has problems handling the game b) the internet connection is causing massive delays (if you are playing online).

If you are playing online and Crysis 2 is lagging, try to switch to wired mode for a moment and see if that helps. If it doesn’t AND you can play Crysis 2 offline without any lag whatsoever then make sure to disable all firewalls and antivirus tool temporarily.

Additionally, I recommend to try another PC in your neighborhood to see if the problem persists.

Published: Monday, March 28th, 2011 Last Modified: March 28, 2011

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