Creating Windows 7 Visual Styles: Subscription

You are particularly interested in creating Windows 7 visual styles? Why not subscribe to our tutorials. Here’s how you would do that properly with DemonFeed and using tag feeds.

Windows 7 Visual Styles Subscription

P.S. Guys, you really need to start using RSS feeds, it’s such a useful feature to stay up to date!

The Beauty Of Tags – Feeds, Feeds, Feeds

Many websites, including, use tags to categorize content. If you look at the web address, they usually look like this:


Did you know that WordPress creates feeds for each tag? Yep, that’s the beauty of tags.

Subscribe To Feed Tags

1. Step Go to the tag page you want to subscribe to, e.g if you want to subscribe to our tutorials “making custom Windows 7 themes”, head over to

2. StepIn the address bar append /feed to the end of the URL

3. Step It should now look like this – hit enter

4. Step Open Up FeedDemon – the best free RSS reader for Windows 7 and then hit CTRL + N on your keyboard

5. Step Enter the URL from above

Subscribe to making Windows 7 visual styles

6. Step Create a folder to organize your feeds

7. Step Check FeedDemon regularly for new updates

8. Step Enjoy your subscription and learn more about everything


We’ll make sure to add more useful tags, so you can subscribe to all useful posts. If you need a tag for certain posts, you can of course always request one.


Published: Saturday, August 6th, 2011 Last Modified: August 6, 2011

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