Counter-Strike GO XBOX 360 Gameplay Video

The first gameplay video showing ACTUAL Counter-Strike GO gameplay footage of the XBOX 360 version. Watch the gameplay video after the break.

Counter-Strike GO Gameplay Video XBOX360

The gameplay video comes right from PAX 2011 and shows the map de_dust – yes, it’s been updated but it’s still very similar to the old dust map of CS:S. We get to see quite a few of the new weapons in CS: Go

CS:GO will be a must-buy for XBOX owners who’d normally not play CS on PC.

Counter-Strike Go at PAX 2011

The new buying system in CS:GO looks pretty fancy. Obviously, it’s still Counter-Strike and not a Counter-Strike sequel (2) running on the next-gen Source engine.

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We still don’t know when CS:Global Offensive will be released, but as you can see Valve already has a pretty stable version for the XBOX.

Published: Sunday, August 28th, 2011 Last Modified: August 28, 2011

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