Counter-Strike Global Offensive Release Date

You can’t wait for Counter-Strike Global Offensive? Learn more about the official release date below.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Release Date

Counter-Strike Global Offensive will be released in early 2012. The game is coming out for XBOX 360, PC, Mac OS X, and even for the PS3.

As of right now, Valve does not have a concrete release date for Counter-Strike Global Offensive in mind, but we will make sure to post any breaking news on Counter-Strike Global Offensive.


Unfortunately, we will not see anything of Counter-Strike Global Offensive until later this month – Valve will not show off Counter-Strike Global Offensive at the gamescom (August 17th-21th, Cologne, Germany)

However, Valve has promised a playable version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive at the PAX (26th – 28th August 2011, Seattle, USA) and an official release date announcement soon…

Best of all, Valve has confirmed CSGO_DE_AZTEC and CSGO_DE_DUST – hopefully it’s dust 2 and not dust 1!

Counter Strike Global Offensive DE_AZTEC

Release Date In 2012? Not 2013?

No, it was not a typo. Counter-Strike Global Offensive will be released in 2012. Looks like Valve pulled off another surprise-hit – announcing Counter-Strike Global Offensive only few months before its release. Sneaky bastards, eh?

Portal 2 was one hell of a game. Counter-Strike Source has been accepted by the community and is still amongst the most played online games out there according to Xfire. I am not going to mention Counter-Strike Condition Zero here and will hope that Valve can manage to release a worthy successor to one of the best shooter games out there, that is truly worth to be called Counter-Strike.

Where Can I Download A Counter-Strike Windows 7 Theme?

We have a nice Counter-Strike theme for Windows 7 including a nice CS Start orb.

Download Counter-Strike Windows 7 Theme

Published: Saturday, August 13th, 2011 Last Modified: August 13, 2011

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