Counter Strike Global Offensive Open Beta Coming, Preorder in July

Cs Go Open Beta Announced It’s official, Counter-Strike Global Offensive gets an open beta during the next months and will be available for preorder in July

The last update to CS:GO was released yesterday and Valve is sending out more and more beta keys to players to find more bugs. To get rid off all bugs Valve will allow all Steam players to test the game in July, about a month before the game goes live.

The price of CS:GO will be really cheap, compared with other similar games. Only around 15 bucks!

We reviewed the CS:GO beta previously and in my opinion this is the best Counter-Strike game to date. Especially the new game modes and the new maps are lots of fun. If you have ever played any CS gungame mods, you will love the new Demolition mode.

Reviewing The Cs Go Beta

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Published: Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 Last Modified: June 13, 2012

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