Could Skype Be Getting Encryption On Windows 10?

Skype is one of those apps that everyone uses, but with security being so important to communications, its lack of encryption has led many to use other apps or services. News this week came out, that Skype might be getting stronger encryption for users to use.

We don’t like to talk about rumors and upcoming news alot on this site, but Microsoft is making a strong push to getting strong encryption on its Skype apps in recent days. Skype is making security focused users happier with its latest version via the Skype preview program.

Skype Rolls Out Encryption Tools In Latest Preview Build

Whats New? Signal Is New

In its latest Skype preview app for Windows users, Microsoft has decided to let users use the Signal protocol with the latest Skype app. This is being used by encrypted apps like WhatsApp, Google Allo, and others already, and keeps communications secure.

This type of advanced encryption is perfect for Skype users, as it lets users text, have audio calls, and file transfers, all while using a secure protocol. The initial roll out of the app in preview only supports chat communications, but its a start.

Keep Communications Secure With Latest Skype Update In Preview On Windows 10

Why This Matters

By bringing Skype into the 21st century with this implementation of Signal protocol, Microsoft is showing users that is cares about their communications. There are times when communications need to stay secure, and this lets users choose Skype over other tools in the market.

Microsoft needed to update Skype to include this, as many people use apps like Signal to securely communicate with others. It might still be a smaller portion of people who communicate completely on this, but for them, Skype will be another option.

Do you use encrypted communication tools? Let us know which ones.

Published: Thursday, January 18th, 2018 Last Modified: January 18, 2018

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