Could Apple Be Working On A Gaming Console And Could It Debut at E3?

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If you infer Apple’s comments like other people, there’s every chance the company is working on a gaming device.

Apple said it doesn’t want to create a gaming console, in the traditional sense. Whatever that means

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was at the All Things D10 conference where he talked about past, present and future Apple. It’s actually very interesting, especially when he said Apple isn’t interested in developing a console in a traditional sense.

The CEO was asked if the company will enter the gaming industry since they’ve basically stumbled into it through the App Store and phenomenons such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Cook admitted the company was in the gaming industry, and said that in the future will make Apple a bigger player in the industry.

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Thought what does Apple mean by traditional gaming? On the face of it you’re thinking controllers and consoles, considering that’s been the dominant way of playing games since forever. Motion gaming is a thing now, but Apple is already doing that. So will Apple find some way of integrating into the service in its iTV, or Apple TV box? Will it be iCloud-based? Will there be a new, bigger version of the App Store for triple-A titles? It’s a difficult question, because Apple does the unexpected when releasing new products. The App Store is also incredibly active, so I’m sure developers like Gameloft would love to develop triple-A experiences with more powerful hardware.

And then we have to ask ourselves how games are going to be controlled. iOS games use virtual joysticks or multi-touch, which is fine for games not using precise and quick movements. If Apple was to have triple-A games then a controller would be needed, so would there be a dedicated app through the iPad and iPhone or would Apple design a new controller? I don’t see Apple forcing prospective users to buying a console and another product, because Apple likes one device to do everything.

Interestingly, Geoff Keighley on Twitter said Tim Cook has a world exclusive next week. Next week is E3, of course, and before Apple’s developer-focused WWDC event. Unveiling a gaming system then would surpass anything Microsoft and Sony unveiled, and maybe even Wii U confirmations.


Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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