Cortanium Brings Added Fun To Cortana On Windows 10

Microsoft is making Cortana a major feature of both Windows 10 and its future updates. But, some users are finding that Cortana is very limited in what it can do. For them, Cortanium is available, and it brings additional features to Cortana.

Cortanium is a third-party application that works alongside Cortana, and isn’t sanctioned by Microsoft. What it does do, is add over 25 new commands to Cortana, and lets you have it speak in fun languages and styles.

Cortanium Adds Features & Fun To Cortana Via Windows 10 App

Cortanium Features

The Cortanium app costs $1.99 on the Windows Store, and makes Cortana even simpler and more intuitive. You can get movie & TV recommendations, get today’s horoscope, check in a document on SharePoint, see how much OneDrive space you have and more.

With the Cortanium app on Windows 10, you can even check your Microsoft Band information, Xbox gamer information, or check into Foursquare. It’s latest updates even allow you to receive phone calls from 40 different characters including Batman and Beyonce.

Cortanium Brings Additional Features To Cortana on Windows

Feature Rich But Buggy

Looking at Cortanium, you need to wonder about its features and how often you use Cortana. If you use it daily, the $1.99 app is a no brainer, and worth downloading. If you don’t though, then it could be another app on your PC.

Users who use the Cortanium app either love it or hate it. The makers states that the restart/shutdown/theme commands require a Microsoft Browser to be your main pbrowser, and that affects Chrome fans. Users also might not be able to use it with the Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview either.

Cortanium is a fun addition to Cortana. For less than $2, it makes Cortana more useful, and a fun app to run on your system.

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Published: Saturday, August 20th, 2016 Last Modified: August 20, 2016

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