Cortana Meets With Expansion and Windows 10 Preview

One of the most eagerly wanted and used features of Windows Phone 8.1, has easily been Cortana. Cortana, the personalized personal assistant has gotten rave reviews from users. But, on Friday, peeks of it in Windows 10 plus expansion around the globe means Cortana has gotten big time appreciation and support.

From the Windows Phone 8.1 preview, Cortana by Microsoft has gotten the attention of the press and users. It is the perfect digital assistant for organization and more, and with it getting more users around the world, it is ready for more appreciation and possibly use in Windows 10.

Microsoft Expands Cortana For Windows Phone To Europe

Cortana Goes Global

Cortana was initally just a US based tool, but in recent months has expanded to the UK, China and India. Based on that expansion and rave reviews from users, it has gone further. On Friday, Microsoft announced that Cortana would be available in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. This means more Europe for Cortana.

It’s important to note that the expansion of Cortana into the European countries is only available via the Windows Phone Development Program. Microsoft wants to make sure all the bugs are fixed before full release, thus being in an alpha mode only. This means that it should see the life of European tech before too long.

Microsoft's Windows 10 To Get Cortana In Leaked Video From WinBeta

Cortana In Windows 10?

The other piece of Cortana news on Friday, circulated from WinBeta. In their findings, they found that Cortana has been found in the most recent builds of Windows 10. The UI and everything is not 100 percent built out, but all of the reminders, weather apps, and features have been bundled into the beta.

Having Cortana in Windows 10 would match up to the Mac speech features, but make it so much better, since it would have a personal assistant attached. The overall appearance of Cortana in Windows 10 is still very beta, but the overall demonstration shown off in the video is pretty impressive and makes Windows 10 a must see.

Cortana is great and I use it daily. Now, if on Windows 10, it just gets more awesome.

Published: Sunday, December 7th, 2014 Last Modified: December 7, 2014

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