Cortana Gets Major Updates

Cortana is a great tool that is built within Windows Phone 8.1, and is continually getting updates from Microsoft. As it continues to evolve, customers are starting to see Cortana get better, and on Friday got a number of updates that show it off nicely.

Cortana fow now is still only on the Windows Phone 8.1 devices, but they are getting better each day. The latest updates announced by Microsoft on Friday, show off a number of ingenious ways to utilize Cortana, and should be live according to Microsoft for Cortana users on their WP 8.1 devices.

Microsoft Updates Cortana With Scheduling and Concert Updates

Daily Glance and Concerts

With the latest daily glance updates, users can see all the information that they will need for the day. Constant improvements to this feature have been requested, and Microsoft is giving users help. The new updates will allow Cortana to show travel time to home, and upcoming events on the calendar. This makes it easier to commute home and see your schedule at a glance.

Concerts are also being recommended by Cortana. If a users is within 100 miles of a certain event or concert, Cortana will recommend it. This would be perfect for families, dates, gatherings, or even business events. These recommendations will show up in the notebook, and concert watch will be where they are located.

Microsoft's Cortana Shows App Recommendations and Flight Info

Flights and App Recommendations

If you are looking for a flight, or picking someone else up from the airport, looking at a flight over and over again can be a chore. Now, Cortana will see if you have looked at the same flight twice, and put it into a interest inside the Cortana notebook, and show updates in the carousel as well. This makes it great for those looking for a flight to take off on, or picking someone else up.

Lastly, Cortana gets localized app recommendations. This is a great tool that will show off the local effect of Cortana. For example, a San Francisco visitor might get recommendations about San Francisco events and apps, and making the entire trip more relevant. Its aimed for travellers for now, but could expand beyond that if successful for Microsoft.

These Cortana updates are available now. Try them and let us know your thoughts.

Published: Monday, October 20th, 2014 Last Modified: October 20, 2014

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