Cortana Gains Power BI Integration

Within any large organization, the power to harness data in your hand can be a lifesaver. The same goes with desktop tools as well, and Microsoft is looking to help enterprise users. On Tuesday, it enabled Cortana to integrate with Power BI.

Power BI is for the business and enterprise customer, and is an outstanding analytics service offered by Microsoft. By connecting Cortana to Power BI, users can get answers directly from their data in a natural and helpful way.

Microsoft Enables Power BI To Work With Cortana

How This Works

Starting today in preview, users with Cortana and Power bI, can get data visualization charts with answers that range in values. Users can get revenue, charts, and complete reports from Power BI right from Cortana.

This is the latest update for Cortana on the desktop, as the service has gotten previous third party services like LinkedIn and Office 365 to integrate with it. This should give business users new ways to use their data.

Microsoft's Power BI Gets Stronger With Cortana Inclusion

Powering Cortana Into New Realms

This latest update to Cortana on the desktop shows where Microsoft wants to take Cortana, and that is the enterprise. Windows 10 needs to get into the enterprise place badly, and Power BI integration will help it get there quickly.

By giving users the ability to pull up charts and graphs in a visual way like Cortana does, it can help businesses make decisions, plot paths, and get them new ways to grow. This is big for Cortana and Power BI.

This new preview is available for limited users. If you’ve tried it, let us know your thoughts.

Published: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 Last Modified: December 2, 2015

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