Cortana For Office 365 Shown Off In Early Preview

Cortana is something that amazes many, and is used in Windows Phones today. As it is deeply embedded in Windows 10, its usage will only skyrocket and please many users. Microsoft showed off the latest updates with Cortana, and how they integrate with Office 365 in the latest Windows Insiders Preview Build.

Users will have to join the Windows Insider program to enjoy the latest updates to Cortana with Office 365, and should be pleasantly surprised. It also requires companies being opted into the First Release feature for Office 365 as well, and should give users a quick preview of what is to come soon.

Microsoft's Cortana Shown On Mobile Devices

Use Cortana To Preview Day

Users currently use Cortana to take a look at their calendars, while using it on their Windows Phones. With Office 365, Cortana can pro-actively help users manage their lives. It will help bring out information about attendees of meetings, gather recent documents about the meetings, and more.

Reminders are something that Microsoft is really showcasing with the Cortana integration with Office 365 for business users. It can pull together insights about the schedule and meetings, and keep business users better connected. Users can opt in to try it out, and see if Cortana and Office 365 works for them.

Microsoft's Cortana Now Shown With Office 365 Integration With Rich Insights

Windows Support and FAQ

The ability to use Cortana in Office 365 environments is still relatively new, and Microsoft knows this as well. They are allowing the ability to integrate Cortana with Office 365 in Windows 10 desktops and tablets as of now. Additionally, they are allowing for mobile phone integration later this year.

Admins are able to control access to Cortana in their organizations as well. A new Office 365 admin control is being introduced to customers on the First Release track for now. Admins can control where Cortana is used, whether it be on the devices only, or when connected to Office 365 in the full release.

Cortana with Office 365 makes for interesting times. It’s still new, but I can really see how it can explode with usage later this year when fully rolled out.

Published: Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 Last Modified: July 1, 2015

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