Cortana For Android Goes Into Public Beta

Cortana started on Windows Phone, and has become a success for the platform for many. It then migrated to Windows 10, where its success has been applauded by many analysts and users. On Monday, Microsoft announced its newest Cortana route, by releasing Cortana for Android in Public Beta.

By releasing the Cortana app for Android users, Microsoft is going against Google Now and others in this space. Microsoft has been releasing Android apps for sometime, and this latest Cortana app is the latest. Its available now, and for Android users to enjoy.

Microsoft Releases Cortana For Android In Limited Beta Release

Android Features With Cortana

With the public beta of Android, Cortana will now allow users to manage their lifestyle, getting and setting reminders, searching the web on the go, tracking flight information, and tasks across devices. It will also fully interact with Windows 10 devices as well.

This android release is new, and has been in a private beta for sometime. It just became available on Monday for public beta users, and while its not fully featured yet, the bugs are minimal for users to try out. It overall is a full done app for Android users.

Microsoft Releases Android Cortana App In Public Beta

A Press Away

Now, users can press the Cortana button and gets access to a personal assistant at anytime. Users will be able to try out features, but also will see differences from the Windows versions. The “Hey Cortana” feature for example is available only on Windows Phones, and should be updated soon.

The public beta of Cortana for Android is available for US users only for now, but Microsoft noted in their post, that the expansion of the app into worldwide markets will be done soon. They are still testing it out, but on a much wider sale for Android users in the US.

If you use Android try the Cortana app. I’ve downloaded it, and love it.

Published: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 Last Modified: August 25, 2015

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