Cortana Featured In New Microsoft Ad

As Windows Phone 8.1 slowly makes its way across the Windows Phone world, Cortana is simply the biggest portion of the update for Windows Phone users. Over this past weekend, Microsoft launched its latest commercial, focusing the attack on Apple’s Siri in the process.

The new 30-second TV spot is featured online as well on YouTube. It’s a subtle but jabbing spot at Apple’s Siri personal assistant, and shows off what it can and cannot do. As the latest personal assistant available, Cortana will need all the hype to get users to use it though.

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Siri vs Cortana Commercial

The commercial by Microsoft is a short spot, but a very interesting commercial at that. It points two phones next to each other, and starts by the voice asking his phone to remind him when his wife calls, to send her flowers. Siri isn’t able to perform this gesture but Cortana with its advanced powers is able to with ease.

The next example is when the user tells Cortana to remember to pick up roses, whenever he is around a flower shop. Siri of course cannot do this, but Cortana shows off the number of different flower shops in the area, and will remind the user to pick up flowers whenever in the area of these shops.

Microsoft Shows Off Cortana Features In Latest Commercial

Traffic Alerts and More

The third jab at Siri is the automatic alert for the user of traffic alerts, as Cortana reminds the user to leave by a certain time if they are going to make their appointment or meeting. Siri is troubled by this type of request, and bows out to Cortana as the commercial ends, pointing to Cortana’s victory.

Will this type of commercial work for Microsoft? It may and may not work for them. Windows Phone still only has 3-4 percent of the US phone market, but this type of ad could help them get a ton of interest in Cortana. Cortana is one of the most advanced personal assistants available for mobile phones, so getting a little battle against Siri might actually help it succeed in the US and abroad.

I love this commercial from Microsoft. It’s a poke at Apple, and shows off Cortana.

Published: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 Last Modified: July 29, 2014

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