Cortana Expands Into New Global Territories

The Cortana software platform has been a nice addition to Windows Phone 8.1, and continues to make headway on the newest Windows 10 coming out later this year. While its usage has been limited to 7 countries for now, Microsoft on Monday announced a global expansion of the Cortana brand.

The Cortana system is only currently available in the US, UK, China, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. This has left a number of countries out of the loop, and leaving many of Microsoft’s users wanting to try it for their own. The global expansion of Cortana will give them Cortana very soon.

Microsoft Shows Off Global Expansions For Cortana Around The World

Cortana’s New World

In their blog post on Monday, Microsoft’s Marcus Ash detailed the expansion goals of Cortana. Microsoft announced the expansion of Cortana into Japan, Australia, India, and Canada (In English Only). These new countries will only get Cortana via the Windows Insider Program to customes for now.

Microsoft is looking to branch out Cortana into these new markets, and give users the ability to use it, test it out, give feedback to Microsoft, and let users kick the tires so to speak. This will also be in time for Windows 10 later this month, and Microsoft is very eager to grow the Cortana brand slowly.

Microsoft Makes Cortana Specialized To Each Global Market Expansion

Cortana’s Future

In their expansion plans with Cortana, Marcus Ash announced that Cortana will definitely evolve into the new markets. Microsoft wantts to hire local teams for writers, programmers, editors, and voice talent to give the experience to each local market. The right voice, language, and more is important to its success.

The ability to have a locally tuned product is something that Microsoft is highly focused on, and in the blog post, goes into it very deeply. The national identity in each country gives it the advanced capabilities that Google Now and Siri do not have. This should separate itself from the pack.

I love Cortana and use it daily. It’s great to see others getting it, but it needs to grow quicker for many to help it succeed.

Published: Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 Last Modified: December 9, 2015

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