Cortana Brought To Mobile Devices As Windows 10 Companion

With the advent and popularity of Cortana across Windows 10 devices, the rollout of Cortana to mobile devices has been making progress. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced Cortana’s availability via mobile platforms as a Windows 10 compansion app, as it becomes official on all mobile platforms.

The combination of Windows 10 and Cortana across mobile devices like the iPhone, Android, and Cyanogan OS devices, means Windows 10 can be accessible from anywhere. Cortana is more than just an assistant, but makes Windows 10 complete.

Microsoft Gives Cortana Integration To Windows 10 Devices and PC's

Reminders, Phone Calls and More

Users can set up reminders that are location based with Cortana and get those reminders when their smartphone reaches that location. The Windows 10 part means that users can set desktop reminders, and have Cortana buzz or notify them when there.

Users can also get alerts on their Windows 10 PC’s when they can’t answer a call. With Cortana on the mobile device, Cortana can send an alert via text to the caller, and the caller gets that without the user ever leaving their PC, amazing.

Microsoft Moves Cortana Into Cyanogen Devices This Month

Cortana and Cyanogen

The other major interesting news about the Cortana integration with Windows 10, is the Cyanogen partnership that Microsoft invested in sometime ago. Users can access “Hey Cortana” from any app, and features a number of custom integration modes.

In their blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft stated that their rollout with Cortana on Cyanogen devices will grow in the next year. It will be available on the One Plus One now, and then to other devices in due time, making One Plus One users happy.

Cortana and Windows 10 are very tightly tied together. Users are able to do amazing things with it, and it begins today.

Published: Thursday, December 10th, 2015 Last Modified: December 10, 2015

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