Cortana Arriving For iOS Testers

Ever since Microsoft announced that they would be bring Cortana to iOS devices, a large number of users signed up for the testing experience. On Friday, Microsoft started to unveil Cortana for iOS for a limited number of testers.

Currently iOS has Siri, and that personal assistant is built into the iOS operating system for iPhones and iPad devices. This new voice-powered assistant would complement that service, and giving users new features not available with Siri.

Microsoft's Cortana Seen In Various Test Images For iOS

How Cortana Would Work On iOS?

Microsoft is explaining Cortana for the iOS as something that would allow them to set reminders on their computer, and get reminders on their iPhones. Also, users could set appointments, get directions, and news/weather/sports news.

This type of service is available with current builds of Siri, but Apple has the service locked down to its developers and services, and has given developers limited access. Cortana for the iOS would be built into Bing for helping users.

Microsoft Brings Cortana To iOS In Beta Builds

How and When?

According to reports on Friday, Microsoft is rolling out the beta build of Cortana for iOS devices via its TestFlight program. The program is limited to only 2,000 testers at a time, and this is limited to the Apple program, not Microsoft.

A large number of users are still waiting for their invites, and with only 2,000 invites at a max, it’s easy to see why. It will be available to users in the US and China, but the focus of the initial beta test will be US users.

Cortana on the iOS system could work. Siri certainly isn’t perfect, and iOS devices could use a backup assistant.

Published: Saturday, November 28th, 2015 Last Modified: November 28, 2015

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