Cortana Analytics Suite Announced At World Partner Conference

For those who are following Cortana, its no surprise that the goal for Microsoft is to release it across a number of platforms. During its World Wide Partner Conference in Orlando, Microsoft announced a new big data, analytics, and cloud computing suite for Cortana, called the Cortana Analytics Suite.

The Cortana Analytics Suite is a coup of programs meant for big data and analytics, in one enterprise package. It tightly integrates with Cortana, and helps business get data organized and analyzed, and is a great new tool. While this is new, it is sure to make businesses interested in it.

Microsoft Launches Cortana Analytics Suite

Cortana Analytics Suite

The core of the Cortana Analytics Suite is a combination of data, intelligence, and action. It brings together business apps, custom apps, sensors & devices, people, and automated services. It will bring all of these items together, and give big data hunters an amazing set of tools for all kinds of uses.

The Cortana Analytics Suite is looking to give real-time recommendations, customer churn forecasting, help with fraud protection, predict maintenance, and much more. It can help predict analytics, assist with big data, and predict catastrophic instances before they happen, and help minimize their after effects.

Microsoft Shows Off Ways That Cortana Analytics Suite Can Work With Enterprise Tools Currently Available

Capabilities and Services With Cortana Suite

With the Cortana Analytics Suite, a number of capabilities and services can be integrated that are already available. These include business scenarios, personal digital assistants, recognition of human interactions, dashboards and visualizations, machine learning, big data warehousing, and data orchestration.

With these capabilities, Microsoft already has sets of services that will work with it. Services like Text Analytics, Power BI, Azure Machine LearningAzure HDInsight, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data LakeAzure SQL Data Warehouse, and others are available. All of these plus partner assistance will help it work in amazing ways.

Cortana Analytics Suite is truly an enterprise tool. But, if you work with big data, its a wild set of tools, and should be fun to experiment with today.

Published: Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 Last Modified: July 14, 2015

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