Cool Windows 8 Themes for XP

You want to download some cool Windows 8 Metro themes, but you are still stuck on XP? Give these XP themes a try.

Cool Metro Windows 8 Themes for XP

The following is a list of themes that might or might not require special tools like Borderskin or WindowsBlinds. Please read the instructions before you apply these Windows 8 themes on XP. Also keep in mind that the themes can possibly break your system, so always make a backup.

1. Very Cool Windows 8 Metro Borderskin Theme for XP

You need Borderskins for this theme. Copy the content of the theme to your Borderskins installation Themes folder. Restart the program and it should be listed in Borderskin. Select Metro and Metro Navigator from the dropdown!

Windows8 Windows 8 Metro Borderskin XP Theme
Download Windows 8 Metro Borderskin XP | Mirror

2. Special Windows 8 Theme for XP 1.0

Transform XP to Windows 8 with this nice Windows 8 theme. This support Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It also supports 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows8 8 skin pack 1.0 Theme
Download Skin pack 1.0 | Mirror

3. Cool Windows 8 7989 Bootup Theme for XP

Requirements: Windows XP. This gives you the look of the Windows 8 build 7989 boot screen. If you don’t know how to install boot screens on XP refer to the DeviantArt page

Windows8 Win8 7989 Bootup Theme
Download Win8 7989 Bootup | Mirror

4. Basic Windows 8 Theme

One of the first visual styles for Windows XP that are inspired by Windows 8.

Windows8 Windows 8 Theme
Download Windows 8 | Mirror

5. Windows 8 M3 Starterkit For XP

If you have Windows XP with net Framework 4.0 you can install Windows 8 theme for XP with all the wallpapers of previous Windows 8 builds.

Windows8 Windows8 M3 Starterkit Theme
Download Windows8 M3 Starterkit | Mirror

6. Windows 8 Build 7989 Startmenu for XP

You can get the look of the Windows8 7989 startmenu with this Windows XP theme. Very nicely done.

Windows8 Win8 7989 Startmenu for XP Theme
Download Win8 7989 Startmenu for XP | Mirror

7. Windows 8 Ultimate Theme for Windows XP WindowsBlinds Users

If you have WindowsBlinds you can try this cool Windows 8 theme.

Windows8 Windows 8 Ultimate unofficial Theme
Download Windows 8 Ultimate unofficial | Mirror

8. Windows 8 M3 Startup Screen for Windows XP

If you have the tool TuneUp Styler 2 you can easily install this Windows XP boot screen inspired by Windows 8.

Windows8 Windows 8 M3 Startup Theme
Download Windows8 Windows 8 M3 Startup | Mirror

We are currently preparing a batch of new XP themes inspired by Windows 8, so you’ll be able to download more Windows 8 themes shortly.

Published: Friday, September 30th, 2011 Last Modified: September 30, 2011

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