Cool Windows 7 Warface Theme With 8 HD Wallpapers Of Crytek’s F2P Shooter

You are looking forward to Crytek’s F2P game Warface? Then get this Windows 7 Warface theme with 8 wallpapers in HD resolution

Windows 7 Warface Theme With 8S

Warface uses the CryEngine 3 and simply looks stunning. Nexon will publish the game in Asian markets. Because F2P multiplayer games usually take long to develop we have no exact release date yet. However, it’s possible that Crytek might announce a beta test sooner or later because what they have so far already looks very promising.

Warface Wallpapers

Cryteks Warface Jpg 1

Cryteks Warface Jpg 2

Cryteks Warface Jpg 3

Cryteks Warface Jpg 4

Cryteks Warface Jpg 5

Cryteks Warface Jpg 6

Cryteks Warface Jpg 7

Cryteks Warface Jpg 8

Download The Windows 7 Theme

The Warface Windows 7 Theme

Download Warface Windows 7 Theme

We’ll keep you posted when there’s more footage. Bookmark us!

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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