Cool Windows 7 Titanfall Theme

Titanfall Wallpaper Desktop Themes One of the coolest games, coming straight from the newly founded Respawn Entertainment studios, is Titanfall. We’ve created a Windows 7 theme for your PC featuring the latest backgrounds

West and Zampella worked on Call of Duty MW2 but founded their own studio under the EA umbrella later with most of the Infinity Ward staff, which means Titanfall is definitely a game that should be on your watchlist if you like the FPS genre.

Titanfall Wallpaper

Titanfall Wallpaper  1

Titanfall Wallpaper  2

Titanfall Wallpaper  3

Titanfall Wallpaper  4

Titanfall Wallpaper  5

Link: Download This Game Theme Now

Titanfall Wallpaper theme

Free: Get Titanfall Wallpaper Windows 7 Theme

This theme is 2 MB large – if you need some help with applying it, make sure to browse our tutorial section. Additional desktop themes can be downloaded using our categories.

Published: Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 Last Modified: August 7, 2013

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