Cool Prey 2 Windows 7 Theme

This is a new Windows 7 theme with several very cool Prey 2 HD wallpapers. Free download after break.

Prey 2 Wallpaper

Prey 2 is coming out for PC, PS3 and XBOX 360. However, it is not due until 2012. It will use a modified version of the Doom 3 engine “id Tech 4”.

Prey 2 Wallpapers

The wallpapers for your desktop are included in the themepack. They will be automatically rotated once you applied the Windows 7 theme:

Download Cool Prey 2 Windows 7 Theme

We’ll keep you posted when there are new cool Prey 2 wallpapers and will add them to this theme. More gaming themes for Windows 7 themes can be downloaded below (click category link Video Game Themes)

Published: Monday, July 25th, 2011 Last Modified: July 25, 2011

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