Convertible Windows 8 Tablet Notebook From ASUS Rumored For 2012

Rumors have started circulating about a convertible Windows 8 tablet/notebook from Asus that will apparently launch in 2012.

Asus already has convertible models on the market

Asus To Push Convertible Design in 2012 For Windows 8

Windows 8 is the first OS from Microsoft that has been designed from the ground up to be, in the Redmond parlance, ‘Touch First’. Trying to take advantage of this design, almost every personal computer and electronics company is now trying to build their own tablets based on Windows 8. Asus is one of them and now rumors have it that they are working on a convertible design alongside the tablet and the notebooks that are being developed for Windows 8.

Sources in Taipei have told industry news source DigiTimes that Asus is working on a convertible tablet/netbooks design that consists of a swivel screen. As a concept this is nothing new. In fact, the first tablet computers in the industry were built in a similar manner. Back when multi-thousand dollar convertible laptops used to come with styli and a screen developed by the likes of Wacom.

According to the sources, this device will be running on Ivy Bridge as most of the 2012 Windows 8 machines are expected to run. Asus has already tried its hands at producing devices like this and hopefully with Windows 8 it will have a better chance at succeeding commercially. Even though previous attempts have been rather clunky and unpolished, it seems this time they might get it right. There were already rumors circulating amongst supply chains in the market prior to this report about super slim touchscreen displays being sampled.

Word on the street is that Intel themselves are keen on trying out these various convertible form factors with various OEM’s and Microsoft is also looking to leverage the ‘touch’ factor in the new Windows. So Asus is likely receiving some amount of R&D support from both the giants. The company is expected to unveil this new device at the annual Computex event in Taipei in June 2012.

Published: Saturday, December 10th, 2011 Last Modified: December 10, 2011

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