Controversial: Windows 8 Without Classic Start Button and Menu! (Poll)

Windows 8 will not include the classic Start menu and button. We want to know from you if you are still using it.

Windows 8 Without Classic Start Menu

Yes, you can currently still enable the classic Start menu in Windows 8 developer preview, but at the same time you lose the Metro features – which is basically not a solution for many

No More Start Button, Upgraded Start Menu

Microsoft has made it clear that they would not be including the classic Start Button in the final build. It will be replaced with a direct shortcut to the new Metro desktop. The company said that this was based on the stats that less 24% users used the button and even they had used it to launch less than 50 apps over a span of several months. Jump lists might also join the list of casualties. According to Microsoft, it becomes difficult to implement jumplist now that Windows 8 is using live tiles. So it may not be implemented in the final build.


Well, we are quite biased, because we love the classic Start button and menu, so we want to know do you know use the Start menu to launch programs frequently?
Customize Start Menu

I could imagine that a lot of people new to Windows 8 will complain about this. After using Windows 8 you will get used to the new Metro desktop, but not all people can or want to adept and will stick with previous Windows versions like Windows 7 or XP.

How about you – do you use the Start menu to start programs from time to time? Every day, every week or every month?

Published: Friday, November 25th, 2011 Last Modified: November 25, 2011

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