Control Your Instagram With InstaFollow On Windows 10

Instagram is easily one of the biggest social networks on the planet, and controlling whom you are following, who is following you, and more can be a chore. Now, InstaFollow makes controlling your Instagram profile simple and easy.

InstaFollow is a free Windows 10 app, and it works across PCs and mobile devices. It’s made by BitApp Studio, and it gives users total control over their Instagram accounts, followers, and much more.

Control Your Instagram With InstaFollow

InstaFollow Features

With InstaFollow, users are able to see their new followers, their lost followers, and more. So, users can see who is recently following their pictures, and see whom lost interest in their activities on the social network.

InstaFollow goes beyond that, and lets users see blockers, mutual friends, non followers, fans, and just plain ‘vanilla’ accounts. Additional features make this app a must have for Instagram active users.

Auto Like & Auto Follow With InstaFollow On Windows 10

Download, Insights & More

One big feature of InstaFollow is the ability to let users download photos and videos right from Instagram. It puts those saved photos and videos in the photos gallery, and saves users from screenshots and cropping images.

Users can use the auto like features to like photos based on common interests, see insights on their liked and commented photos, and a ton more. It is though a third party app, and not affiliated with Instagram.

If you enjoy Instagram, and want more than the basic app, InstaFollow is a quick & easy download. Try it out, and see more of Instagram than ever before.

Published: Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 Last Modified: May 31, 2017

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